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Background Singing

Need background vocals? Need a soprano? M.J. is open for studio work, background singing, touring, etc.

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Background singing workshop and vocal lessons coming soon.




Personal Styling

Styling is more than just a job to M.J. It’s all about making others feel good. The ability to change the way others feel on the inside and turning them into better versions of themselves is something she takes pleasure in. The purpose is to give her clients the ability to discover their best SELF, giving them a self esteem boost. Looking like the person you feel on the inside is the result. This option includes one on one styling, dressing you for photoshoots, an event, work, or whatever occasion you may choose. 

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Personal Shopping

After identifying your wardrobe needs, we will spend time in the stores that best fit your personality and style. Then, we can choose the clothing and accessories that fit your lifestyle and your body type. Thrift stores have some of the best one of a kind pieces for any body type, so everything is optional. We will learn the ins and outs of shopping for less! And the good thing about this option is that the client does not have to be present if one so chooses not to. Shopping can be done by me. Body measurements and sizes will be taken during the consultation. I will bring purchased items to you so that you may try them on in the comfort of your own home. Then we will decide what works and what doesn't, and I will return or exchange the items that you do not want to keep.

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Closet Transformation

If you're ready to take the first step towards creating a personal style but not ready to shop just yet, then this is for you. This option includes a one on one consultation of your closet. We will conduct a detailed, in home session to organize and audit your closet. We will clear out the old, unflattering items and save the ones that are more flattering, sentimental, or that can be altered. In our time together we will determine your basic colors that complement you and talk about the basic styles of clothing that are ideal for your body and shape plus a closet audit/"edit". We’ll get rid of things that don’t flatter or work for your specific body type, as well as items that are outdated, too small/too big or just doesn't work. This process gives us a better understanding of what wardrobe essentials and pieces you still need in your closet. It’s a great way to purge & simplify and helps us define your shopping list and needs. It’s also helps us get to know you and your sense of style, and show you new ways to wear and re-work the pieces you already have.

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Outfit Calendar

Have lots of clothes in your closest but you don’t know what to put with what? Want to make your everyday work week easier? We will put outfits together for your future work week and make a calendar of what day to wear each outfit. For example, we will choose an outfit for Monday, another for Tuesday and so forth. That way you can just wake up, grab that stylish outfit we chose and GO! And things you no longer need or wear we will get rid of. We will show you how to re-work the things you already have and create new looks and tips for putting outfits together. Additionally, we'll create a list of essential items you may need to pull a look together. If shopping is necessary, we will schedule a personal shopping session. We work within your closet with all of your clothes both old (and new if we bought something) as we create head-to-toe ensembles, complete with accessories and shoes. We then take photos with your phone and store them in a 'Style' album for you so you'll always have access to your outfits...even on the go!

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Editorial Styling (photoshoots, etc)

(print, commercial, ad, TV, or catalog)

I am available for editorial photo shoots, print, catalog, and commercial fashion styling as well!

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T-Shirt Designing

Getting inspired from one of her homework assignments in college, she turned her whole assignment into a real live t-shirt business becoming an inspirational graphic t-shirt designer at just 24 years old. Recreating tees from cutting, bleaching, painting, etc.

Want a t-shirt distressed? Email me!



Looking for a Fashion Model. M.J. is open for runway, hair, photoshoots, etc. NO NUDITY.

Measurements consist of:

Height: 5'10"

Bust: 34C

Waist: 27

Hips: 38

Email if interested!