Singers/Music Industry Workshop

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So you want to be a Background Singer? Solo Artist? Musician? You KNOW you can sing. You KNOW you're good at what you do.  You KNOW you have what it takes. But you're wondering why haven't you been discovered yet? HOW do you even begin to get booked for work?  

Have any of those questions?

Well this is for YOU!

Come hear from acclaimed professional background vocalist, MJ Pippens with 8 years of experience who's made many Television appearances such as The Grammys, American Idol, The X Factor, The American Music Awards, The TV Land Awards, Steve Harvey's Little Big Shots, The BET Awards, Taraji P. Henson's White Hot Holidays, Marie Claire Young Women's Honors, 2018 Stand Up To Cancer, The Morgan Freeman Tribute, etc. having the opportunity to grace stages singing behind legends & Grammy award winning artists such as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Chance The Rapper, Jordin Sparks, Andra Day, Alicia Keys, Neyo, Garth Brooks, Nick Jonas, Janelle Monae, Amber Riley, Javier, Empire's Jussie Smollet, Grace Vanderwaal, Little Big Town and have stuck with her roots singing behind many gospel artists.

What is The Singers/Music Industry Workshop?

I've gotten so many questions from so many ppl wondering, "HOW DID YOU DO IT?" 

So now I want to answer all your questions! This class is to help up and coming, in-between, not-so-sure, as well as established singers, background singers, musicians, etc get their foot in the door and GET STARTED at all. This workshop will give all who attend much needed information that can be taken home and instantly applied to their own up and coming careers. Whether you want to establish yourself as a background vocalist behind major artists, become your own solo artist, get booked more than you already have, this will provide solid information.

I have so much valuable information to share. Come get advice from me, hear how I started, how I got booked, etc. ALSO hear what NOT to do.

The following & more will be covered:

- Speaker Introduction, How I got into the industry, etc.

- How to get into background singing

- How to make singing a career and get PAID doing so (how to get BOOKED & busy)

- The strengths of being a good background singer and what it consists of

- Discovering your key strengths in music & highlighting those (what are you best at)

- Using what you're best at to your advantage

- Getting noticed, (commanding the right attention without looking like you are)

- Vocal Contracting, how it works, and how it worked for me

- Television Work

- Building relationships with the right people and KEEPING them.

- Having the right image, looking the part at all times

- Branding yourself (where can we find you and your work? Getting a website, etc)

- Social Media Marketing (What to do and not to do on social media, getting noticed on social media, what your social media pages should look like, etc.)

- Do's and most definitely DON'TS 

- Professionalism and why it's important

- Staying inspired when you haven't been booked in a while or booked at all

- Q & A Ask me anything


There's so many things I WISH someone could have told me, but I had to learn it on my own. Some good and definitely some bad. This is what I'm here for and what this workshop is here to teach you. I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE this information will be amazing and LIFE CHANGING for you. If you apply the things learned there's only UP from here. If you want it you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse.

I just want to do what I LOVE while inspiring those to go for their dreams and not give up. 

(If you are in the city where the workshop will be held, I highly recommend you come and get this HANDS ON EXPERIENCE and meet me and other fellow singers in person. If you absolutely cannot attend this event in person, you can purchase a ticket and have the digital content of this exact class sent right to you. If this is you, shoot me an email at and let me know after you purchase your ticket). 


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